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Providing individually tailored community based care

Our Core Values

At Time to Care we are guided by our five core values. They underpin everything we do and provide the basis for how we support people, how we treat people, how we make decisions and how we function as an organisation.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe that behaving with honesty and integrity helps to build a culture of trust, openness and transparency between everyone involved in delivering and receiving care.

Equality and Respect

We are committed to the value that everyone should be treated equally and as unique individuals and that everyone makes a valuable contribution to society. Each and every person should be treated with dignity and respect in their daily lives.


We are constantly striving to improve the way in which we deliver care and seeking innovative and inspirational ways to overcome whatever challenges are put in our way. 


It is our firm belief that it is only by working together in a collaborative and harmonious way with all, that we can achieve and exceed our shared aims.

Inspiring and Individual

We believe in providing individualised support to meet the specific needs of each person giving them freedom of choice and enabling them to achieve their goals.